The Best Electronic Cigarette UK Review 2016

Our Belief about Electronic Cigarettes

Ava BennettBy Ava Bennet – There’s no doubt that today there are several individuals who have successfully quit smoking after using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Apart from these, there are those individuals too who have tried everything such as nicotine gums, patches, or went cold turkey in a bid to quit smoking, but failed in their efforts and ended up in relapse.

However, with the introduction of e-cigarettes, it has become a lot easier now to quit smoking. What non-smokers usually don’t realize is that by just replacing cigarette with nicotine isn’t enough to help smokers quit smoking, as they are not just addicted to nicotine, but to the habit of holding a cigarette and taking long puffs. This is where e-cigarettes are a complete winner, as they not only mimic cigarette smoking, but also release nicotine in limited amount. Although, vaping seems to be a lot more complicated than smoking, it can be an effective tool for you to successfully quit smoking.

E-Cigarettes are a less harmful than normal cigarettes

E-cigarettes help in reducing the harm, as their vapor are a lot safer than the toxic tobacco smoke of cigarettes that contain several harmful chemicals and toxins. Besides, e-cigarettes do not pose any risk of secondhand smoking as the vapor released by the smoker is harmless for the individuals sitting next to him. Although, the vapor contains little bit of nicotine, it isn’t harmful at all! Besides, in a recent study, it was revealed that nicotine isn’t more harmful or addictive than caffeine. However, what makes tobacco smoke quite dangerous is the poisonous chemicals present in it. We at Quit Smoking Community strongly believe that amidst of all the products available in the market, e-cigarettes are the most effective products to quit smoking. We are saying so based upon our own personal experiences and several success stories that can be heard throughout the globe.

E-Cigarettes: Truth Revealed

There are several myths and misconceptions amongst people regarding e-cigarettes. Besides, in recent times, e-cigarettes have suffered harsh criticism from the media and people. However, what they don’t realize is that e-cigarettes have been created to save lives and put an end to the menace created by cigarette smoking.

43 Weirdest E Cigarette Liquid Flavors

When it comes to choosing the right brand, it can be quite confusing for you, as there are literally hundreds of e-cigarette brands available in the market. However, to make things easier for you, here we are recommending you some of our personal favorites which we find to be quite effective to quit smoking. Just scroll through these brands and find the ideal one that best suits your needs. However, if you have any doubts or queries don’t hesitate, just ask your question on the forum. The Sthreesolutions will be more than glad to help you.

Today is the beginning of your new healthier life!

Listed below are some of the best electronic cigarette UK.  Click here for US electronic cigarette vapes

Established: 2007
Location: London, UK
Product Line: Starter Kits, E-liquids, Disposables
Return Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Established: 2009
Location: Peterborough, UK
Product Line: Disposables,Starter Kits,E-liquids,Loose-leaf vaporizers
Return Policy: 14-day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
FREE shipping on orders over £57.99
Established: 2009
Location: Leicestershire, UK
Product Line: Disposables,Starter Kits,E-liquids, E-cigars, Mods, Clearos
Return Policy: 14-days right to cancel. A 30 day warranty (Limited)
product reviews
Established: 2011
Location: Guildford Surrey UK
Product Line: Vape Pens, Starter Kits, Vaporizer Mods, E-liquids
Return Policy: Limited 1-year Warranty (chargers)
Established: 2010
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Product Line: Vape Pens, Starter Kits, Vaporizer Mods, E-liquids
Return Policy: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - Limited Lifetime Warranty

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