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Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Ava Bennet


10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an E-Cig

That cigarettes are harmful to one’s health is not a secret. Between the tobacco and nicotine, there are serious adverse effects and risks when smoking cigarettes. The addictive power of nicotine, though, makes smoking cessation very difficult for many. Fortunately, an electronic cigarette (E-cigarette or E-Cig) can help lessen the dangers involved with smoking making them a feasible alternative to the conventional cigarette. Here are top 10 good reasons to consider switching to an E-Cig.

1. No Harmful Tobacco

Perhaps the greatest benefit of switching to an electronic cigarette is elimination of tobacco you would otherwise consume with conventional cigarettes. The health risks involving tobacco use most often affect the heart and lungs, including strokes, heart attacks, emphysema, and cancer particularly of the lungs, larynx, mouth and pancreas. Tobacco can also lead to hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and peripheral vascular disease. Tobacco has caused millions of deaths worldwide with the World Health Organization reporting over 100 million deaths in just the 20th century alone.
These risks are serious but largely preventable in regard to tobacco-caused by simply not consuming tobacco. For smokers, this is not an easy task due to nicotine addiction but the E-cigarette can help greatly since it contains no tobacco. Smokers get the “smoking experience” without the need to consume tobacco.

2. Adjustable Nicotine Levels

nicotine levelUnlike conventional cigarettes, the technology behind E Cigarettes allows smokers to adjust the nicotine levels depending on the cartridge used. Nicotine levels available typically include none, low, medium and high with high around the same level as a conventional cigarette. Although E Cigs are not technically considered a smoking cessation tool, the benefits to adjusting nicotine levels is evident as it can be used to wean from nicotine altogether. If anything, considering the addictiveness of nicotine, the less inhaled is obviously better for health reasons.

3. No Smoky Smell

smoky tobacco smellA common complaint of both smokers and non-smokers is the smell. You know that chimney-type smell that soaks into clothes, furniture, hair and skin? The E Cigarette eradicates this pesty problem since they do not give off a smell. This means there is no more need to stand outside in cold weather to avoid irritating those around you, nor do you have to worry about the problem of second-hand smoke. This alone is a good reason to switch to an E-Cig not to mention the health benefits.
Same Taste of Tobacco Cigarettes: you can have the same taste of tobacco cigarette in it but it doesn’t contain harmful substances as compare to normal cigarettes. So, it will taste just like any normal cigarette but it will not put any bad effect on your health

4. Online Availability

You know this is the era of web and everything is available on the web. You can find electronic cigarette over the internet anytime anywhere. You just need to type electronic cigarette in any of the search engines and you can find lots of website over there to buy e-cig. However you need to be very careful before making any purchase on the internet as you need figure out that you are buying a genuine product from a genuine seller.

5. Lower Cost

low costE-cigarette may be more expensive to purchase but it is more of a one-time investment since they contain a rechargeable battery. Smokers no longer need to purchase pack after pack where the cost can add up quickly. In fact, it has been said that the cost of smoking over a lifetime can be as high as purchasing a house. Switching to an E-cigarette can save you bundles in the long run.

6. You Can Use Them Anywhere

world map in handIn many countries now, a smoker of tobacco cigarette is told to step out of a room if he wants to smoke. There are various laws and ordinances banning smoking in public places because of the risks cigarette smoking poses to health and the environment.
But this does not apply to e cig usa. When you buy electronic cigarette, you don’t have to stay outside to enjoy it. You can even smoke it inside your office, or trains, buses and public areas, like streets and parks. You no longer have to say “Do you mind if I smoke,” because people who knows you buy electronic cigarette know you are putting them at risk of having cancer.

7. Additive Free

During the manufacturing process, additives are added to cigarettes, along with the toxic chemicals naturally found in tobacco. Though highly toxic, these additives are designed to produce a longer burning cigarette. Even additive free cigarettes, or those made from organically grown tobacco are not as safe as the electronic cigarette. The chemicals are found naturally within the plant and cannot be gotten rid of. You are going to ingest these chemicals if you smoke tobacco.


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Not so with the electronic cigarette. The only ingredients in E-Liquids are nicotine and/or flavourings that have been diluted in food grade solutions. No additives, none of the other harmful components of tobacco, just nicotine and flavourings. That means, when you smoke an electronic cigarette, when the E-Liquid is atomized, or “burned”, only nicotine molecules are being delivered to your lungs.

8. Eco-friendly

eco-friendlyWhen you buy electronic cigarette, you’ll discover that an E-cigarette starter kit do not produce waste products such as cigarette butts that are both messy and toxic. In addition, these devices are reusable hence more eco-friendly that regular cigarettes. E-cigarette starter kit do not require a match or a lighter to work since they do not involve burning at all, which means less pollution and harmful toxins.

9. They Suit Every Consumer

women in shopping bagsElectronic cigarettes come in a wide range of makes and models to suit any consumer preference. There’s a model for people who’d like to stick to the traditional “analog” form factor, as well as models for people who like to use visually and functionally different products.

10. They Come in Many Flavours

When you buy electronic cigarette, you’ll discover that they come in hundreds of flavours, unlike their analog predecessors that comes basically only in four flavours: regular, menthol, light regular, light menthol.

spice flavour e liquidsIf you are a smoker who like to quit but couldn’t, then these are the reasons why you should buy e cigarette. To get you on the way to a healthier lifestyle, consider purchasing a good E-cigarette starter kit from a trusted online source or a brick-and-mortar vendor. A complete E-cigarette started kit should include a battery charger and a spare mouthpiece. In a few online stores, there are even free, complimentary e-juices that come with the E-cigarette starter kit.

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