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Published on October 18th, 2016 | by Ava Bennet


10 Facts about V2 Cigs e-cigarettes

One of the effective methods to save yourself certain serious cash when obtaining the nicotine fix is to vape, avail promo codes for additional savings on the purchases. Few brands like V2 cigs contain coupon codes which contain no expiration date and can save you more money. Receive a free disposable with buying a starter kit, no promo code required; simply visit the site when they do this promotion. It is a highly famous and competitive US brand of e-cig in the market.

1. Ideal kit

Get the individual cost of every item in a starter kit as mentioned on the menu of accessories. Calculate the price of purchasing each product. Even if you are just buying two best quality batteries and ten compatible cartridges, the bill is up to sixty dollars. But for the similar cost you could purchase the total kit, a battery starter with the option of battery color, length and format. Choose the desired one from twelve styles of cartridges. See at a larger starter set such as the perfect kit.

2. Cost

You would pay sixty dollars simply to buy three batteries, but the cost of twenty five cartridges is up to fifty dollars. When you think ready to refill cartridges with eliquid, it will definitely save you amount. In the classic design, you are paying about two dollars per ml. The company also sells 25 ml bottles of ejuice at the cost of 17.59 dollars when a fifty ml bottle will fix you back 31.08 dollars. You can purchase a pack of forty blanks; each one is having the capacity of containing more or less one ml of liquid.

3. Free program

As a consumer, you eventually eligible for the vape 4 free program. The event is valuable if you write reviews and recommend friends when if you simply shop. Begin with a fundamental kit which will give you five hundred plus points required to join to become a member. Write honest comments regarding the product. If the V2 e-cigs company deems them valuable for publication, your comments nets you additional points. By having those points you can buy lot of V2 items.

4. Special offers

The program also provides discounts and special offers, more of them when the status rises, the more points you make, the higher the club membership becomes. If you want to become an affiliate marketer of V2 e-cigs, you can become marketers and make real cash. Make it on the amount of replacement batteries or buying a new cartridges set. Replace the chargers or include an accessory. Money made like an affiliate can be afforded but you need hence you can just take the amount if you like. V2 has been the america’s popular brands of e-cigs for more years.

5. Quality

Consumers understand them for the strong batteries, quality and tasty e-juice as well as best service to customers. With more experience, consumers also identify there are methods to save amount at the website. A place of the online shop to stop if you understand what you need is the sale section. In the sale section you will see more specials for the whole year on e-liquids, batteries, starter kits and more. One factor of the site they are famous for is the starter kits.

6. Batteries

They take more: few for the best battery, others for the ex series. Bundles help you to save cash. As a result you want to replace batteries. However the starter set offers good products you do not want to consider about for an affordable cost than retail. You can also save money through booking things in huge quantities. You can also favour yourself, change to black cartomizers and begin refilling with e-liquid. This brings the cost per millimetre lower from up to two dollars.

7. No FDA approval

Researchers at the California University recently identified that most of the elements in the vapour are established to cause respiratory diseases and distress and in certain cases emitted greater concentrations of the components than cigarette smoke made. E-cigarette manufacturers do not advertise that their items assist people quit smoking, due to the reason they are not FDA approved like a smoking cessation device. The major benefit over conventional cigarettes is the cost. Normal cigarettes take high excise taxes of about fifty of the retail cost.

8. Options

Electronic cigarettes are presently subject to sales tax only. V2 cigs contains many choices in the starter kit, that certain thing will suit the budget and requirements. The recent two offerings are VERTX and VERTX plus. It views such as V2 has designed a niche between the affordable e-cigs and the strong vape mods, a perfect option for ex-smokers and for the people who need certain thing highly powerful than fundamental e-cigs but consider vape mods are much for them to deal.

9. Different flavours

V2 cigs simply now finished the transition to the Ex line of goods. The latest line is e-cigs with refillable tanks, better taste, powerful batteries and rose vapor production. They provide one of the great product choices of its kind. They now provide ten various flavors, three sizes of batteries, EX blanks and EX batteries. They possess starter kit for each budget and each type of smoker. The best quality tasting flavors are the main reason they got a good ranking among customers. .It contains a professional design; few of the items appear instead sleek.

10. Best performance

The packaging could be highly attractive. People love the vapor clouds which arrive out of new items. V2 cigs still attracts customers with the different flavors. They possess ten types of flavors. Each flavor is tasty. The flavors are Sahara, V2 red, congress, mint tea, menthol, coffee, cherry, cola and vanilla. For its class, it supplies the best performance. There are also some areas for development. Customers are referring their friends to purchase this electronic cigarette. The consumer service mixed with best quality; create them the ideal e-cig for a beginner. The company also contain a good choice of best flavors, starter kits to satisfy each ones budgets. The employees are committed to developing the e-cig market for vendors and customers.

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