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10 Reasons Why Investing In The E-Cig Industry Could Make You A Millionaire

They seem to continuously take over markets; having curved a niche market of their own, e-cigs have also infiltrated the multibillion-tobacco industry. E-cig sales are expected to reach the $10 billion mark in 2017, which is an $8.3 billion increase from 2014. If you are not sold already, here are 10 reasons why investing in the e cig industry will make you a millionaire.

1. It’s a Growing Market

It quickly became a part of social culture. Every movie and ad you saw seemed to feature an electronic cigarette. Soon it became that next big product everyone wanted to have. Whether to help you kick smoking or simply as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes; e cigs became and still are that trending product everyone wants in on.

As the demand for e cigs continues to grow, e cig manufacturers and distributors will be cashing in big time. Why not join the bandwagon to get ahead while you still can?

2. Diverse Product Selection

One thing that most entrepreneurs don’t realize off the bat is that when dealing electronic cigarettes mean dealing in multiple products. Right from the e cig itself down to the e cig juice, we are talking about a range of electronic cigarette products. Spreading your investment out on all these products minimizes the risk.

Maybe you might end up being the next big e juice retailer or specialize in offering the biggest e cig brands in your location; the product range is limitless with electronic cigarettes.

3. Endless Selling Channels

For most e cig sellers, the Internet offers an endless pool of selling options. There are countless of big websites selling e cigs and a small start-up might just drowned trying to swim with the big fish. However, with any business what matters is promoting your business and positioning yourself for success.

From the countless of Internet e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay you can use all the channels available to push your merchandise. Not to forget classifieds such as Craiglists, which is a very good avenue to promote your business and its products.

4. Social Media Marketing

We are currently living in the ‘social media age.’ Every business worth its salt is now taking advantage of social media as a powerful marketing tool. Making the right moves on social media translates to huge sales for businesses. It isn’t any different when talking about e cigarettes. Having a viral social media marketing campaign will rake you quite the sum in electronic cig sales.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost much and it simply requires persistent dedication. With a product such as e cigs that practically sells itself all you need is some social media spice to start seeing the cash rolling in.

5. Sell E Cig Knowledge

The e cig industry is still relatively young and people have an endless list of questions about it. Why not make some money ‘selling’ e cig knowledge? Run a blog or site on everything about e cigs and work on building up a following. This won’t be so hard if you use all the ‘new-age’ promotional channels available to you. Before you know it the big dogs will be knocking down your door to make use of your massive following.

Have a YouTube account tied to your website/blog and come up with witty e cig related videos. All you need is for one or two of these to go viral to start making a killing out of e cigs.

6. The Big Dogs will Come Knocking

Truth is the $100 billion tobacco industry has been hesitant to buy into the e cig industry, because of the sanctions the e cig industry face. As long as you go about it the right way and get all the permits and licenses required, you will definitely get a return on your investment. We have been seeing how big tobacco companies have been scrambling to buy out successful e cig business. Who knows, the next e cig business that the big dogs will be fighting for could be yours.

There isn’t a business that was started without a certain level or risk and it isn’t any different with the e cig industry. However, when you start making the big bucks it will be all worth it.

7. There are Virtually Endless Unexplored Markets

So maybe you have your eyes set on international trade, guess what the e cig market is still vastly unexplored internationally. E cigs haven’t made a debut in several countries across the globe and this might just be your business angle. Once again, study your market and do it the right way to start up a successful international e cig business.

Once again, the Internet is your friend when it comes to international trade.

8. Aim to Partner with Large Pharmaceuticals

The Pharmaceutical companies can no longer deny that the e cig industry could offer some help in the healthcare industry. A number of cigarette smokers trying to beat the habit are increasingly opting for electronic cigarettes rather than nicotine replacement therapies. It is simply because of their relatively affordable cost in comparison to these therapies and their ‘likeness to cigarettes,’ but with minimal harm.

Keep that big cash day in mind and if this is your chosen path work hard to get in bed with pharmaceuticals.

9. Go in on E Cig Stocks

If trading in stocks is your thing why not go in on e cig stocks? Several big e cig companies, including the famous ECIG Company, have their stock listed and they are already resulting in great returns. The big tobacco companies have been eyeing such companies through their stocks and you can be part of the action.

Whether you want in on big dividends on simply want to hold on to the stocks and sell them when the market is favorable; e cig stock trading is worth exploring.

10. Tobacco Versus E cigs Debate

There is also the tobacco versus e cig debate that has been ongoing ever seen electronic cigarettes cropped up. Will electronic cigarettes replace tobacco smokes? Maybe not, but the tobacco industry has been feeling the heat. Vaping has undeniably caught on amongst both smokers and the curious lot.

Numbers don’t lie and while e cig sales might not be anywhere near tobacco sales the fact that the big tobacco companies are paying keen attention says a lot.

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