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12 Things About Electronic Cigarette Probably You Didn’t Know

Think that you know everything there is to know about e-cigarettes? Well think again! These little battery powered devices have taken the world by storm in the last decade, and there are lots of facts out there that you probably didn’t know, even if you’ve been using them for a while yourself.

1. E-cigs have a long history

The first patent on an smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette actually goes all the way back to 1963, when a man named Herbert A. Gilbert invented one. However the modern version of the electronic cigarette was patented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, who was inspired to create a smokeless cigarette after losing his father to smoking related lung cancer. Hon Lik himself was also a long time smoker, like a majority of men in China, and he was interested in creating an alternative to help him avoid his father’s fate.

2. E-cig users don’t like big tobacco

There’s a solid belief among many e-cig users that big tobacco companies are crooked and immoral. Users tend to be very much against tobacco companies, who they often feel have been dishonest. It’s important to realize that lots of popular e-cig brands are subsidiaries of big tobacco companies, but as the market has increased there’s been a move toward newer, smaller companies.

3. E-cigs are different than vaping

Though both e-cigarettes and vaping devices heat air through battery power, and both imitate smoking to deliver the same feelings without the smoke, the look and feel of them are totally different. E-cigs look and feel very much like traditional cigarettes, in fact the manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the continuity of that experience. Vaping devices on the other hand come in an incredibly wide variety of shapes and sizes, with flavoring and all kinds of extras. Think same purpose, different ways of getting there.

4. E-cigs are losing ground to vaping

When they first hit the market, e-cigs were enormously popular – a popularity that boomed nearly overnight. They offered a safer and less intrusive way to indulge over traditional cigarettes, and were often cheaper over time. However as innovations have come in vaping that allow for newer and more interesting ways to partake of electronic delivery systems, e-cigs have for the first time started to have lower sales.

5. E-cigs are fairly simple

Inside each module, or “mod”, there is a tiny lithium battery that powers a small atomizer. That device heats up a liquid and turns it into a vapor so that it can be easily inhaled and exhaled like smoke.

6. E-cigs are controversial

There is definitely some controversy surrounding the safety of using e-cigarettes. While they are completely free from the tar and smoke that’s accumulated in the lungs of users of traditional cigarette smokers, they still contain nicotine as well as an array of other chemicals whose effect on the body is currently unknown. Scientists won’t be sure of the long term effects of e-cig use for years, until there’s been enough time to study them thoroughly.

7. E-cigs could save lives

According to a study out of the University College London and printed in the British Journal of General Practice, it’s estimated that electronic smoking devices could save thousands of lives per year as they have dramatically lower risk factors than traditional cigarettes. While the long term effects of e-cigs aren’t known yet, thus far it’s pretty clear that they’re much safer than traditional cigarettes and so offer a much better alternative for smokers.

8. E-cigs are becoming increasingly regulated

Because they burst onto the scene so quickly, there was very little time to regulate e-cigs initially. However that’s all starting to change. Countries across the globe are beginning to catch up with the industry. Expect more regulations to be heaped upon e-cigs in the coming years, from more strict age requirements to tighter controls on chemicals, to an increase in taxes on them.

9. E-cigs are amazingly customizable

While traditional cigarettes only have two basic flavors, e-cigs offer an incredibly wide variety of tastes to suit the needs of just about anyone. “Juices” are the liquid that e-cig use to deliver their products, and are used up when put into the hardware that’s the main part of the e-cig experience. The level of heat, concentration of nicotine, metals used and the voltage of the battery are all customizable so that users can get precisely the experience that they’re looking for. There’s even the ability to control the level of nicotine administered during use, with ranges generally being from 0-26mg. Not to mention the style choices that go along with e-cigs, which can come in every color, pattern and style imaginable.

10. E-cigs are used by lots of kinds of people

There isn’t just one kind of person that uses e-cigarettes. Men, women, young people, older people, rich people, poor people, urban people, rural people, etc. all use e-cigs. What is common among a large portion of e-cig users, especially older users, is that they are choosing to use e-cigs as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. People who go from using old style tobacco to using e-cigs almost never go back.

11. E-cig users have more freedom than cigarette smokers

With the wide variety of new laws that have gone into effect in public places everywhere, it’s no longer acceptable to smoke in many of the places that people like to go. That’s almost exclusively because traditional cigarettes produce noxious smoke that not only smells terrible but is also harmful to those in the area. However e-cig use doesn’t cause any of those things, so e-cig users are free to partake just about anywhere that they go!

12. E-cigs aren’t going anywhere

With the immense popularity of e-cigs today, one thing is for sure – they aren’t going anywhere. Though they’ve been on the market for less than two decades, they’ve hit the market with a huge bang. And there’s a reason they’re so popular, because e-cigs offer users an incredible amount of versatility while also being incredibly affordable and providing health benefits over traditional forms of smoking.

The more you know, the more you’ll be able to understand and take advantage of all of the great qualities of e-cigarettes!

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