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Aspire Mods Review

Aspire Mods Review Ava Bennet

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Summary: super high vapouriser capability


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This is so far the latest electric cigarette technology from Aspire. It is also considered as the most advanced out of its kind. The product is commonly known for its Atlantis sub-ohm tank which is specifically made of atomisers of very low resistance. This is what makes the Aspire Carbon fibre (CF) Mod different from other electronic cigarettes. The mode and the tank are connected by a spring loaded connecter which ensures that the bond between the two parts is tight.


The significance of the aspire Atlantis on Aspire Mods

Used with the low resistance atomisers, Atlantis is a significant part of the Aspire Mod as it is made in such a way that it copes with the dynamic reactions of these high-performing atomisers that are very versatile. The atomisers are actually rebuildable with the ability to operate at as low resistance as 0.5 ohms. It can also withstand power of up to 30 watts which means that it can not be compatible to the standard eGo batteries. The Aspire Mod is built with this kind of Atlantis due to its super high vapouriser capability.

This e cigarette also has an external rechargeable battery. The battery’s voltage ranges from 3.5V to 4.2V

How Aspire Mods are used

To turn the battery on, ensure you press the button 5 times. This should be done in manner that the 5 times are in succession.To show that the battery is on, there will be 3 flashes on the LED. The flashes are a mixture of blue and orange colours. Finally, a blue glow on the bezel is a full indication the battery is on. With this, it can fire.

To take a puff, press the button. The button is to be released during exhalation.

All that one has to ensure is that the voltage of the machine remains between 3.5V and 4.2V, during which the LED will continue glowing in its usual blue colour. An orange glow is an indication of low voltage.

When turning on, the procedure is similar to the one used in turning on, 5 presses on the button, repeatedly within a period of 2 seconds.

Product Safety Measures

Aspire mods are able to detect short circuits. Should there be one, it automatically turns off due to the internally installed circuit detector.

To avoid cases of accidental activation, you can lock the device. It is also not possible to destroy the battery due to over-discharging since it goes off by itself should the voltage go below 2.8V.

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