Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

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A disposable E- cigarette is a type of an electronic cigarette where after the user is done with it they throw it away. When the battery runs out do not recharge it throw it away. It contains a filled nicotine cartridge which can either be in ethanol or menthol and a pre-charged battery. You can begin puffing after you remove it from the package if it’s an automatic or by holding down the button and puffing.

By now you are wondering why buy the disposable E-cigarette when you can buy the traditional counterpart? Well the disposable electronic cigs does not contain harmful substances that are found in the regular cigarettes and they are convenient you can smoke them anytime you want. The disposable E- cig they do contain an amount of nicotine that is equal of two pack of the regular cigarette before the batteries dies.


Benefits of disposable Electronic cigarette

If you are looking for a stepping stone to quit smoking the disposable E- cigarette can be of much help to you, since you do not lose the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette. Read on to know more of the benefits you will have when using the disposable E -cigarette.

You are not required to charge it

The disposable e-cigarette comes when they have been pre-charged and come as a relief to a person who wanted a nicotine fix. They cannot be used continually since the battery will run out this helps to reduce how often you smoke.

No refills

The disposable electronic cigarette uses E-liquid which helps to produce the vapor. When the E-liquid runs out in a disposable E -cigarette can be refilled. The will help a smoker to be conscious on how often they smoke.

Disposable E- cigarette has the same flavors

The E- cig market has numerous flavors that do not help in replacing the smoking habit but it leads to creation of another different habit. The good thing with disposable E -cigarette has only two flavors which are tobacco and methanol as a regular cigarette.

Factors to consider while buying disposable E- cigarette

Vapor production: A good vapor production will help a smoker feel as if you are smoking the regular cigarette especially to heavy smokers they should consider this.

Battery: smokers should choose one that has a long life battery especially if you are a heavy smoker.

Product design: one should consider the overall look and feel of the disposable E cigarette. They do come in a minimum size which is for beginners, medium size and advanced personal vaporizers for experienced vapors.

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