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Shop  e Cigar Rechargeable Cigar KitHon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist invented and patented electronic cigarettes. He created e-cigarette to help him quit smoking and also help the society solve the tobacco smoking dependence problem. Hon Lik was a heavy tobacco smoker who worked tirelessly to find an alternative to smoking to at least prolong his life. Today, electronic cigars have taken the world by storm as a healthy substitute for tobacco smoking (1, 2).

Surprisingly, e-cig products were first manufactured in China, but smokers here have little interest to it as compared to Americans. The U.S. has the highest interest in electronic cigarettes and is the most lucrative market, perhaps because both individual smokers and the government authority want to save lives through quit smoking tobacco (3, 4).

The concerns of the health benefits of e-cigs are being addressed from different angles. Since the invention of this alternative to tobacco smoking, scholars have spent most of their time in the laboratory to determine the claims that e-vaping is healthier than tobacco smoking. A growing body of research evidence indicates that the new smoking product can save 6000 people out of 1million people a year from death. Even though e-vaping saving 0.6% human from death is statistically non-significant, no one deserves to die for sure from leisure activities (5, 6, 7).

Tobacco smoking is a social problem and undisputed health hazard. Therefore, any product such as the e-cigarette, it is the only one, blended with nicotine flavors can help reduce the health risk associated with passion smoking. However, even though e-cig products have received praise as a healthier alternative of tobacco, it is not uncommon to see the mixed claims of the effectiveness of e-cigarette in reducing smoking-related deaths. The mixed results can be justified because of the short-time e-cigs have existed and because those changing to e-cigs have already used tobacco, which has an undisputed health problem.

Electronic Cigars were created with good faith, to help people quit smoking because tobacco smoking has an undisputed health hazard. The benefits of e-cigars include reducing health risks associated with tobacco, but maintaining the pleasure and leisure for those people who love smoke.

Electronic Cigars as an alternative of tobacco smoking is winning due to the fact that, it provides smokers with nicotine. Nicotine is not a health hazard. The health hazard in tobacco smoking is tar. People want to nicotine flavors is what they are looking for either tobacco or e-cigars. Therefore, e-cig products have nicotine flavors without tar hence will win as a healthy alternative as compared to tobacco.

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    There’s no doubt that today there are several individuals who have successfully quit smoking after using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. I will help you get the best brand products so you don't have to search the whole internet.

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