E-Hookah (or Shisha) Evolution

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shisha-disposableHookah is one of the oldest and most popular customs in India. It was a status of prestige and only the high class people could afford it. As the years passed, it became increasingly popular all over the world. Today, hookah is available in all top restaurants and hotels. It is basically a tobacco pipe with a tube at its end that allows you to draw smoke through water contained in a bowl. With the invention of new technology, hookah went through a transformation. It has been invented and is increasingly becoming popular among the current generation. It uses electricity to transform the water into smoke.

However, since E-hookah is an electronic device, it doesn’t emit carbon dioxide which is good for your health. It also doesn’t use coal, it uses electricity to convert the water into vapor. It is also very small and easy to carry unlike traditional hookahs. You will find them available in different kinds of flavors and they can also produce more smoke clouds than a cigarette. They are a very good and cheap alternative to traditional hookahs (or Shisha).

Although when you hear the word E-Hookah, it sounds like a single product but actually there are different kids of E-Hookahs available.

1. HOOKAH PENS: Thy are the most common form of E-Hookah available. They are very small in size and easy to carry around. You can just fit them in your pockets and they are usually disposable.

2. E-HOOKAH HOSES: Unlike Hookah Pens, they are pretty big in size and slightly difficult to carry around. They look like the traditional hookah but is not as big as it. They are still portable and since it is pretty big, you can easily share it with your friends.

3. E-HOOKAH HEADS: It heads is the latest invention. Unlike the other forms of E-Hookahs, it requires an actual hookah to work and thus is not portable. They look like a bowl and are placed on top of the actual hookahs.

In order to perform properly, all the E-Hookahs basically requires three things; a battery, an atomizer and a chamber for e-liquid. The battery does what you expect a battery to do- provide electricity to the other components of the hookah. In case of non disposable models, you can use an USB cable to charge the battery. The atomizers, powered by the battery does the main work. It transforms the e-liquid in the chamber to vapor. Some E-Hookahs also comes with a button. Every time you inhale, you need to press the button. And most of the hookahs that are coming to the market recently are button-free.

E-Hookahs are much safer than the traditional ones. However, some of them contain a small amount of tobacco or nicotine in them. They are generally difficult to share with your friends because the battery drains out pretty fast. Nowadays, many youngsters prefer to carry it with them. If you look at the pros and cons of E-Hookahs, the pros are more than the cons. Thanks to the improvement in technology, it is quite safe. Anyone who has left smoking because of health issues can try it without any worry. It is also widely available, you can just buy it form the shop in the corner of your street or you can also buy online.

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