The Best Herbal Vaporizers

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Menthol E liquid   E juice   Best 4 EcigsHerbal vaporizers are smokeless system which heats up herbal materials such as medical marijuana or even tobacco without actually causing them to combust. Instead, they cause essential oils that contain the herb’s active ingredients to boil until a vapor is created which can be inhaled making a person have the same effect as if he was smoking it. They are among the most useful items a smoker can possess since they are healthier for the lungs than smoking. If a person uses medical marijuana or tobacco, vaporizers can be of great help in getting clean and even extractions that do not involve burning or messing up with his lungs. Herbal vaporizer makes a person enjoying his herb of choice a bit safer and easier. Also, it is less bothersome to all people that are around and who keep complaining about the smell that comes with smoking.

They are two ways that herbal vaporizer extract the herb’s active ingredients and turn them into vapor, convection method and the conduction method. In convection, hot air is blown over the plant matter so that it can be hot while in conduction, the plant matter is heated up by a hot object that is in contact with it.

Conduction was the first method to be discovered, but it suffered some limitations to the user. It was able to only heat up the essential oils of only one part of the herbs leaving the rest untouched. In the conduction method, adding more heat would cover more area, but would then overheat the part that was previously in contact with the hot object making it combust. This made the method less effective as it eliminated the purpose of vaporizing.

On the other hand, convection is more reliable. This is because, to boil the essential oils found in the herbs and get an even vaporization, a person uses heated air. This makes the parts of the plant that are buried at the center of the mass to be exposed to the heat. However, since the method requires to be thermostatically controlled as adjusting the temperature is hard, it tends to be more expensive.

Additionally, most people do not that there is a vast difference in the quality of smoke that one gets when they ignite versus vaporizing the plant matter. When a person smokes joint, about 88 percent of smoke combusted have non-cannabinoid elements, some of which provide health risks and do not get a person high. Conversely, when a person uses a herb vaporizer to consume marijuana, the smoke contains about 95 percent of cannabinoids that soothe the body as well as calming the mind.

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