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Published on November 21st, 2016 | by Ava Bennet


How To Fix KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Pen and Battery Not Charging / Working

Fix KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Pen 650/1000/1100/1350/1600 mah Battery Not Charging / Working?

KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Pen charging can be fixed for all variations of battery capacity ranging from 650 mAh to 1600 mAh only if you know the most basic information about this product.

About KangerTech eVod Twist Battery:

Kanger Evod Twist variable voltage battery is a new eVod VV battery generation series which is technically designed to be most effective and efficient device to power electronic cigarettes. Its unique feature is ‘The Variable Voltage Control’. This variable voltage control is primarily designed to increase or reduce the vapors based on the level of smoking you are at, while you plan to quit smoking, using the eCigarettes. This battery is produced and supplied by leading company in electronic cigarette industry, KangerTech, which manufactures high-quality and safe products only for these eCigs. KangerTech has introduced this new variable voltage battery as a highly in-demand addition to its existing line of eVod products of electronic Cigarettes.

Features of KangerTech eVod VV Twist Battery:

The KangerTech company has smartly equipped the eVod VV battery series by adding its compatibility with both thread types, eGo & 510 which makes it virtually possible to be used with all popular glassomizers, cartomizers & clearomizers available in the market. The safety features provided in this battery include atomizer protection, low voltage protection and also safeguards against the most common short circuit protection which is now being complained in most of local, low cost, bad quality products. Most commonly problem of such Vape Pen Battery has been reported to be misfire while carrying them in your purse or pockets and to avoid this, the kanger eVod battery comes with a 5-Click On/Off feature which has highly reduced the misfire accidents for the user of this Vape Pen Batteries.

These KangerTech manufactures eVod Twist variable voltage batteries which are available in various range starting from 650 mAh then 1000 mAh, 1100 mAh, 1300/1350 mAh and recently launched 1600 mAh vape pen battery capacity. A high capacity battery not only ensures a long time usage but also gives you more voltage to increase the vapor & suite your level of comfort and habit, which you must gradually reduce, as you can not forever depend on using these electronic cigarettes.

Voltage of these batteries can be adjusted from 3.2v to 4.8 v simply by turning a knob at its bottom. This is somewhat like variable flame level in a cigarette lighters which also has a knob at its botom to adjust the level of flame. A major feature is that it provides protection from short circuit by shutting down its operations until the removal of the shot. The 5-Click On/Off operation added to this vape pen battery makes is the safest of all batteries available in this range of products available online.

This battery is initially shipped in OFF mode which makes it non-functional even if its button is pressed in transit. Only upon pressing its button 5 times within 1.6 seconds will turn it on, which is indicated by flash of the LED and in the same way you can turn it off. This 5-Click feature smartly helps the battery by keeping it protected from being activated anytime and burning your purse or pocket, when not in use.

Most of the time, the button of such batteries remains pressed during the normal usage habbits, which can harm the battery and also cause short circuit and eventually battery stops charging or working. To avoid this problem, the Kanger eVod Vape Pen battery protects your battery as well as your atomizer by shutting it down if the button is pressed for more than 10 seconds. This battery will also shutdown if its voltage drops lower than 3.3v and hence gives it battery a longer and safer life. This also added with a feature of protection of over-discharging as this KangerTech battery is monitored to turn off upon discharge. The low batter / requirement of charging is also indicated by 5-times blinking of its LED indicator.

9 Grids are provided at the bottom of this battery to adjust the voltage of this battery by spinning, where each of the grid adjusts 0.2v. Turning the knob anti-clockwise will reduce the voltage and to increase you have to turn it clockwise. To charge this battery you can connect it with the wall adaptor or you can also use the USB feature to charge the eVod battery via desktop computer or laptop. The best part is that if you buy this KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Pen Battery Charger, the company offers 6 Months money back guarantee for its eVod battery series, which assures you of its quality and risk-free trial when you purchase it online.

Which KangerTech Evod Twist Vape Pen 650/1000/1100/1350 mah Battery Should You Buy?

If you want to get more vapors from your e-cigarette, then you should select a battery with higher output voltage. Although, if you buy this eVod VV twist battery, you can adjust the voltage of your battery to enjoy more vapours or less based on your requirement. KangerTech provides freedom of variable smoke vapor density by providing variable capacity batteries ranging from 650 mAh, 1000 mAh, 1100 mAh, 1350 mAh and go up to 1600 mAh. The best part is that the variable option of changing its voltage help you suite your requirement of heavy vapors and higher mAh helps to reduce the number of times battery needs to be charged after usage. The more frequently you charge, lesser will be the battery life and hence more frequent investment on future purchases. We recommend to buy this KangerTech eVod battery which isabove 1100mAh to get value for money.

Common Problems noticed in this KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Variable Voltage Battery:

Non-working of your vape pen or vape pen battery not charging are the most common issues reported in such batteries. Other problems may include vapor not producing, cartomizer leaking, getting burnt taste in vape pen, gurgling cartomizer, vaping dehydration, e-juice taste in mouth etc. Most of these problems can be fixed by simply following above guidelines and knowing about your vape pen battery charging and usage guidelines.

How To Fix KangerTech eVod Twist Vape Pen 650/1000/1100/1350 mah Battery?

Only after you know all about the eVod Twist Vape Pen Battery, you can avoid almost all types of problems that you might notice. Also this above information will also help you to extend the life of your Vape Pen Battery. Since most of the problems can be avoided, the most common ones are listed below:

1. Battery not charging:

The charging problem of your KangerTech eVod VV twist battery can be solved by – Ensuring that you have pressed its on/off button 5 times in 1.5 seconds. By Focusing on light glowing on it – if the light is red, then this indicates that the battery is bring charged & the green color indicates it has been completely charged. You must at all times unplug only after you see the green light. If you Unplug, when it is incompletely charged, will increase the frequency of charging and thus ultimately reduce your battery life as well as its quality.

2. Vapors not producing:

This problem of vapors not being produced can be due to fault in the firing pin which commonly happens when it loses the contact with the atomizer, which is mainly when it gets pushed down due to mis-handling or over pressure. It can also be due to low level of e-juice in your cartomizer. So you much check and keep your e-juice refilled when required. You should also check for moisture on the firing pin, that can be caused due to many reasons like surrounding where you keep it or mis-handling. Improper charging can also cause your firing pin to stop working, so you must always use fully charged battery only.

3. Getting Burnt Taste in Vape Pen:

Burnt taste can be fixed by proper usage and cleaning of atomizer. Even after cleaning your atomizer, if it still gives you burnt taste, it is time to replace your atomizer.

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