Mechanical MODs Explained

Mechanical MODs Explained
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mechanical_mods_provari-dragon_1Popularly referred to as mech MODs in the vaping industry, mechanical MODs have immensely gained popularity in the last several years. During the beginning, variable voltage, Egos, wattage mods and cig-a-likes were mostly preferred, and this forced mechanical MODs to be disregarded contrary to much ‟geeky″ and superior vapers. But, the essential yet limitless possibilities utilizing a mech MOD has achieved the center stage more, even with newbie vapers as the crowd. Even though the mechanical MODs are slowly losing popularity, there are still fanatics who love the mechanics of these devices.

What are mechanical MODs?

These are a kind of vaporizer device which utilizes the most basic and simplest construction with no need of advanced electronics, wiring, and soldering. Mech MODs comprise of three basic parts which are the tube, the replaceable and rechargeable battery, as well as a firing button. The firing button directly links the battery to transmit unregulated electric current towards the attached atomizer. The above device comes in varying shapes and sizes which are sold in the market today. There are also alternatives for telescopic MODs which are easily adjustable to accommodate a number of batteries for enhanced voltage vaping.


Why select mechanical MODs contrary to advanced devices?

Vaping devices are manufactured to cater for varying, special vaping requirements. A number of devices might be the first and final preference for a vaper. However, this can prove to be the least preference for another vaper. One individual might prefer the benefits of a particular e-cig, while another could be very aggravated by the quality of vapor it emits. In general, there is no fixed standard of whether a vaping device or kit is the most suitable or the best. This is because each vaper has their personal predilections.

Long-lasting and durable- Since mech MODs do not include intricate electronics and wiring systems, there are minimal parts to repair and take care of in case of any failure. Majority of people using the above device enjoy the fact that they do not need to repair their devices, and perform the tweaks on their own. Compared to virtually and disposable cig-a-likes, mechanical MODs last for several days or even months. They are also very resilient compared to other models that have numerous complicated parts that tend to break down in no time.

They are classy and sleek- There are obvious pros to each vaping device that you can consider when choosing one over another. More particularly, mech MODs have a much sleeker appearance as they do not have the changeable voltage controls, multiple buttons, and screens that most vapers do not like. Majority of these devices are designed using a shiny and smooth metal body which, in itself, appears premium and long-lasting.

The cons of mechanical MODs.

The risks associated with using the above vaping devices are not a secret anymore to humankind. Given that it does not comprise a voltage regulator and fires at no specific range, despite the compatibility of the battery and atomizer, this might result to safety issues like short circuits. When mishandled, the short circuits might cause explosions and fire.

With numerous alternatives in the market, vapers should understand that mechanical MOD kits are a durable and superior alternative for any skilled vaper.

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