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Published on May 2nd, 2016 | by Ava Bennet


Smok Mods Review

Smok Mods Review Ava Bennet


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Summary: wide temperature range control


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Smok Mods e cigs are among the best electronic cigarette brands you can ever buy. The e cigs have been made to assure users great experience. It has a wide range of power output for you to choose the most suitable. This makes it easy for different users to achieve the satisfaction they will require. You can download firmware and upgrade. This makes the device highly customizable. Using electronic cigs has a lot of benefits; you will enjoy all the benefits of using e cigs as well as great convenience associated with this specific brand of electronic cigarette.

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Great features on Smok Mods e cigs

Variable output power

You will decide on the power you will use. It has buttons which you can use to select the best power output so that you will achieve great puffing experience. It can produce a range of 60 watts to 160 watts. You can as well decide to upgrade to 180 watts after downloading a firmware. The e cig is powered by two powerful batteries which will ensure you achieve the longest puffing time possible.

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Temperature Control

It has a temperature control features for wide temperature range control. You will enjoy great convenience when controlling the temperature. It has a button which you will use to select the right temperature which you will like to puff. It has been made to assure users great experience. If you have been stressed with e cigs which you can hardly control temperature, then you will have a different experience after you decide to use the e cig.

Puff counter

You will easily know the number of puffs you have made. If you will like to control your nicotine intake, you will be assured of easy control after you buy Smok Mods e cigs. The puff counter has been designed for you to easily count the number of puffs. This is a great feature you will hardly access on other types of mods. It is among the best electronic cigarettes you can use to regulate your puffing adventure.

Secure firing button

The firing button has been designed to assure you great comfort when carrying this smok mod cig around. It won’t misfire easily. It has been made out of a sleek design which will ensure you enjoy each puff. It has pretty LEDs which will make you feel proud when holding it. Its design is among the best which you can ever find in the market. There are many users who have really liked its design. It has been designed after careful consideration of what users will like to achieve when out puffing.


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