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Tesla Mods Review

Tesla Mods Review Ava Bennet


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Tesla Mods are among the best electronic cigarettes which you can buy. There are many benefits associated with electronic cigarettes which you will enjoy. The electronic cigarettes have been made to assure you great success in your puffing process. The e cig is offered at attractive prices for you to enjoy value for your money. There are many people who have tried the e cig and they have good reviews to share. You too will be among highly satisfied users after you buy it. Some of the features available on Tesla Mods which make them among the best e cigs which you can buy include the following:

Variable Voltage

You will be the one who will choose the voltage which you will use when puffing. This makes it easy for you to achieve different sets of performances. You can use the button provided to set different voltages so that you will achieve the best settings which will make you achieve great performance. You can achieve up to 31 possible variable voltage settings. This will assure you the best results because you can always adjust to a level where you will consider you have achieved the best results according to your specific requirements.

Teslacigs Stealth 100W

Variable Wattage Device

The performance of the atomizer will be determined by the wattage which you will set. You will achieve different results depending on the wattage which you will set. You will not be stressed even if you have never tried the electronic device; it comes with clear instructions which you can use for you to get started. You will achieve up to 25 power settings. This will be achieved through use of a simple button which is provided on the e cig.

Constant voltage and Constant power (dual mode output)

Sometimes you may not like to use constant power when puffing; the e cig has constant power and voltage mode which you can use for you to enjoy your great experience. The constant mode is very easy to use; you will just set the e cig in the mode and you will be assured of great success in your puffing process. The e cig has been designed to assure you great success in your puffing experience. It is a device which will assure you great value for your money.

Long life battery

The e cig is powered by a battery. You will enjoy using the e cig for a long period of time before the battery goes low. You can always recharge it to enjoy great time with the device.

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