The Best E-Cig Starter Kits For 2016

The Best E-Cig Starter Kits For 2016
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E Liquid Starter Kits V2 Electronic Cigarettes UKAn electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigarette or vaporizer cigarette is a device that emits vaporized nicotine doses, which are inhaled. This device can also emit non-nicotine vaporized solutions and it’s battery-operated. They are mainly designed and developed as an alternative for those who don’t want to inhale tobacco smoke directly.

Tobacco smoke is believed to contain more than 4,000 different chemicals in which a number of them are harmful to human health. There are several different e-cig starter kits you can choose based on your preference and needs. A number of users and manufacturers say that the electronic cigarette offers a similar sensation to inhaling real tobacco smoke, but without combustion (smoke).

E-cigs are long-shaped tubes and a number of them look just like the real cigar, cigarette or pipe. Some also look like biros (ballpoint pens). One good thing about electronic cigarettes is that most of them are reusable with refillable and replaceable cartridges. However, this depends on the type of starter kits – they range from the cheapest to the most expensive ones on the market.

Most of the latest models are automatic. This means that a sensor will activate a heating element once you suck on it to vaporize a liquid solution usually held in the mouthpiece. As a user, you can choose whether to have nicotine in a flavored liquid solution, or not. In manual models (older models), these electric cigarettes have a small button that switches the heating element off and on. They also come with LED that indicates whether the gadget has been activated when you inhale.

Various Components of Electric Cigarettes

Most e-cig starter kits come with a rechargeable battery, a heating element, a mouthpiece, and electronic circuits.

1. The Battery (Rechargeable)

In most cases, these devices come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is used to power the heating element. The lifespan of this battery depends on how often it’s used, its size, type, and operating environment. Usually, the battery is the largest component of an e-cigarette.

2. The Atomizer

The atomizer is a heating element used to heat up the e-liquid, making it to vaporize for great smoking experience. An atomizer is usually replaced periodically – at least once in every 3 to 6 months.

3. The Mouthpiece (The Cartridge)

The e-cigarettes also come with cartridges that are fixed to one end of the tube. The cartridge can either replace or refilled depending on the type of start kit the user is using. Within the mouthpiece, there is a smaller cup that holds an absorbed material usually drenched in the liquid solution. This solution varies varying an amount of nicotine. Instead of using the mouthpiece, the user can also opt to use drip tips – where the absorbing materials are removed and liquid drops are put directly into an atomizer bridge.

In a nutshell, latest versions of various e-cig starter kits come with sensors, which automatically activate the heating element once the user sucks on the device. Some have a button that is pressed when sucking the device. Many have a light emitting diode (LED) which indicates when the device has been activated.

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