Electronic Cigarette Review: All you need to know

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If you are still burning your fingers from the cigarette rolls, boiling your lungs from the smoke, and hiding from your loved ones while you do it, then you are not facing the reality on the ground. It could still be that you fear change or ignorant, but, change is inevitable! While the conventional cigarettes have served humans for long in nicotine injection, they are finally on their death bed, getting retired slowly but gradually by e-cigars. Those who switched to the electronic cigars bears testimony and swear by the e-cigars, not to go back to the lingering stench and the horrible breath the cigarettes are associated with. This is your reliable electronic cigarette review.

It’s a good idea to recognize the fact that since e-cigars were first engineered by some heavy Chinese smoker, Hon Lik, back in 2003, not a single study has fully and officially proven that these things causes harm to human health (apparently Hon Lik’s father died from cancer due to heavy smoking, prompting him to invent e-cigars). It is also worth noting that the government and other affiliated agencies have no scientifically proven data to help them legally destroy the amazingly thriving manufacturing of e-cigars. This is an electronic cigarette review that never existed, filling the gap, beautiful information to help you cross over and discover a new world. A new way to get nicotine for quenching your urge without any side effects.

Read the electronic cigarette review further to learn every possible thing you need to know about e-cigars:

What are e-cigarettes?

WebMD, a reputable medical database, defines e-cigars as cigarettes-like devices that contain a liquid, a nicotine-based, that people vaporize and inhale. E-cigarettes are used to stimulate the tobacco smoking experience.

How the e-cigars Work

The electronic cigarettes have three major components:

1). Atomizer: atomizer is the heater; it is responsible for creating the vapor

2). Cartridge: also known as the mouthpiece, cartridge is where the liquid is stored. Depending on the type of cartridge you purchase, the cartridges can be replaced or refilled.

3). Battery: you go for either manual or automatic ones

Most of the e-cigars come with a button that you press to switch on to start the heating process, indicating when to stop pressing. You will have to inhale some e-cigars to activate the atomizer, heating up the e-liquids changing them to vapor that you inhale. If you are new, then e-cigars are vaped, a parallel term for smoking that every electronic cigarette review uses. Depending on how heavy a smoker you are, the devices will last different vaping periods. Two people smoking from the same brands are likely to exhaust the e-liquids and batteries at different times due to difference in vaping power. Experienced vapors are known to exhaust a charge faster; they therefore require more sophisticated and highly powered vaping machines.

Awesome Facts you must keep at your fingertips about e-cigars and tobacco

– The FDA has no supporting research to put down e-cigars, only unproven allegations not worth selling as a viable report to bring down an innovation that kills tobacco cigarettes.

– The laws legally in place to regulate the dangerous cigarettes does not apply to the e-cigars, at all.

– According to the New York Times, in a 2012 report, the e-cigar industry spending on ads and other areas increased to $20.8 million, from a paltry $2.7 million in 2010. These figures have tripled since then.

– While smoking is banned, e-cigars can be used in several places. Your family likes you when you vape as opposed to when you smoke.

– The e-cigars tax is so different from the kind of heavy tax levied on tobacco products. The taxes go up for tobacco products while the sales dwindle.

Things to look for when buying an e-cigar

While e-cigarettes are the best way to add nicotine to your stream, not every device you come across the streets will give you the best vaping experience. Read the electronic cigarette review for things to look for when buying e-cigars:

Online testimonials and manufacturers: While the manufacturers are supposed to disclose full and accurate information about their product, you cannot fully trust what they say because they have to be promotional. You need to hear what the real consumers are saying. Numbers never lie, good ratings and positive comments everywhere will never mislead in making judgments.

You only get what you want/pay for: Cheap e-cigarettes are definitely not the best options. Avoid the Chinese cheap brands and other unknown brands in the name of saving on costs. You want great quality built, great vapor and several liquid flavors to choose from.

Trusted Manufacturers: The best brands will always stand out. Always stick to the most reputable and trusted manufacturers. This way you get genuine products and at the right prices. You can depend on the brands suggested by your electronic cigarette review.

The 5 vaping freedoms: The benefits of vaping

1). Freedom to Exist: With e-cigs, you no longer need to slip out and miss-out on smoking. You can use the digital cigars in public places since they only emit vapor, they do not produce tar, smoke and ash like the tobacco smoking

2). Freedom to Save: Be sure to save more than 50% by switching from tobacco to e-cigars. Tobacco costs a lot of money when compound the amount spent in a single day

3). Freedom to Savor: With tobacco, you can only get two flavors; menthol and tobacco. Electronic cigars give you almost any kind of flavor you crave for including berries, peach schnapps etc.

4). Freedom of Fragrance: You can now be associated with your favorite perfume, not the tobacco stench taking the place.

5). Freedom of Convenience: You can get the e-gars very easily, from the stores, online, gas stations and everywhere else. Smoking is also limited only in a few places.

Basic tips on how to use your electronic cigarettes

– To get the best experience, acquire two batteries, use one while the other one is in charge

– To begin, you will need about 5 cartridges, this does not matter whether you do the refill, or buy new cartridges

– Ensure your USB charger is functional, also have ready the car charger and mains adapter

– If you plan to use our devices in the public, go for devices that look less like the tobacco rolls

– Look for what your warranty says about your battery, you will need to replace one after about six months of continuous use.

Electronic cigars benefits are weighty, far much than the traditional tobacco dangers. The e-cigars helps you quit smoking, do not make you sick, are affordable, give you the five freedoms and lasts longer. Unbiased electronic cigarette review you can rely on to make an informed decision.

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