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It is always a challenge finding the right E-cig and E-liquid retailer in the market. True smoke is one of the best E-cig and E-liquid retailers in the market today. Based in the UK, true smoke has a number of E-cig products ranging from accessories starters kits and liquids.

Battery performance

Established in 2011, true smoke has shipped more than 10,000 products to their customers in different locations across the globe. This brand has an outstanding battery performance.


When it comes to packaging, the company has forgone beauty over convenience. Even though they do not look like the traditional cigarettes, they also do not bring the impression of a fashionable product. The ultimate pleasure with this e-cigs are the long lasting smoking sessions.

Starter kits

When it comes to the starter kits, there are a number of options to choose from. There are seven starter kits to choose the vapors from. Both the beginners those who are just transitioning from the traditional tobacco smoking and serious vapours can find their perfect starter kit suited to their requirements. In the basic starter kit you will find a plastic atomizer which you will need to upgrade to a glass atomizer in order to enjoy the higher quality e-cig vapes.


When it comes to user experience and getting the best out of an e-cig look no further than truesmoke. This is the only place you will ever get a top quality vapour cigarette encounter.

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    There’s no doubt that today there are several individuals who have successfully quit smoking after using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. I will help you get the best brand products so you don't have to search the whole internet.

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