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UK Experts Say E-cigs Make Quitting Smoking Easier

The health hazards of smoking are something that people have known about for decades, and yet quitting smoking remains a big issue for a large number of people. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) represent a revolution in smoking, one that has the potential to completely transform the way that people interact with tobacco.

Misplaced fear of e-cigs

Though there is a widespread belief that e-cigs lead to higher rates of smoking, that’s completely untrue. In fact, the UK’s Royal College of Physicians has said that fears of vaping being a gateway to smoking of traditional cigarettes is completely unfounded.

Given good protocol and protections, the group has shared that it e-cigs has the potential to make the lives of millions of people better. In a 200 page report, the Royal College of Physicians has said that this new form of smoking is actually much safer than traditional smoking and that in fact it can help people to quit.

E-cigarettes are today the most popular method to help people quit smoking, more popular than either nicotine gum or the nicotine patch. Since they first hit the market in the UK in 2007, e-cigarettes have been increasing in popularity. They are so popular today that one in twenty adults use e-cigs, with almost all of these being ex-smokers who were able to quit thanks to this product or current smokers who are trying to quit.
How e-cigarettes are different
Instead of inhaling burning tar and smoke in order to deliver nicotine to the lungs (the drivers of lung cancer), e-cigs rely on liquid nicotine that’s heated through a coil on the inside of the cigarette. The small atomizer inside is powered by batteries. That liquid nicotine is then inhaled, minus the tremendous amount of smoke and chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes. It’s common for vaping devices to include an LED light for aesthetic reasons, creating a look that highly imitates traditional cigarettes.

The amount of chemicals within the liquid vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, though consumers will be alerted of what those chemicals are thanks to new laws going into effect through the EU.

It’s important to note that there have not been any long term studies on vaping and as such we don’t know what the health effects of these drugs will be down the road. So far research indicates that they are 95% safer than their counterparts. There is every indication that as far as a way for smokers to cut down on the harmful effects that they’re experiencing from traditional tobacco use, e-cigs offer the best solution available.

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