V2cigs Reviews

V2cigs Reviews
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Best E Liquid Starter KitWith an e-cigarette, a person can enjoy the act of smoking without the ash, tar, odor and combustion. Nowadays many people are switching over to e-cigarette like the ever-popular v2cigs. This particular e-cigarette is one of the best in the market because it has the better throat-hit than most brands. But, there are more to the v2cigs.

Best for newcomers

Anyone who wants to give up smoking to escape from its harmful consequences can take the help of v2cig standard starter kit. This particular company has come up with this kit in order to help out people to switch over smoothly and leave cigarette for good. The user will have the option to choose either a manual e-cig battery or an automatic one. With that battery, the user will also get 10 e-liquid cartridges in a flavor of their choosing and a USB charger with wall adapter. Here it should be mentioned that, v2cig also has Ultimate Starter Kit which offers more products.

The best battery

An e-cigarette of v2cigs are made up of a flavor cartridge, atomizer and a battery. In the body of the e-cig the battery is placed, and the job of this battery is to power the atomizer which then will heat up the e-liquid to turn it into vapor. When a user goes for the automatic battery, then they need to puff on them to power it up. On the other hand, to power the manual battery, the user needs to trigger a button that is there on the side of the e-cigarette. These two options are provided by v2cigs to make sure that everyone can choose according to their preference.

Different flavored e-liquid cartridges

In order to make sure that everyone can use the e-cigarette, v2cigs made sure that it is user-friendly. The e-cigarette has a very simple design (two-piece). The flavored e-liquid cartridge contains the atomizer. This very brand provides their customers four different strengths of the flavor cartridge and they are 0% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine and finally 1.8% nicotine. So, the user will have the advantage of adjusting their nicotine intake by choosing a strength that suits their need the most. The brand also provides the option to choose between three tobacco flavors which are Congress, Red and Sahara. Besides this, v2cigs provide e-liquid cartridge in six different flavors and they are cola, coffee, menthol, grape, peppermint, cherry, mint tea and chocolate.

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