Vape MODs – Personal Vaporizers

Vape MODs – Personal Vaporizers
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coolfire-iv-kit_vape_modPrivate vaporizers, popularly known as Vape MODS, sits at the top of electronic cigarette food chain. They are a product formed by the integration of flashlights, metal pipes and atomizers. The flashlights and metal pipes are adapted to conform to the atomizer which is used to vaporize the nicotine fluid. This integrated device is targeted towards vapers who want convenient and safe vaping along with better control.

These vaporizers are getting innovated at a rapid pace to gain more power and control. Mech MODs are considered the best at delivering power, but they are associated with a lot of hassle in rebuilding the mods. These devices deliver better throat hit and are much heavier due to their large and heavy batteries. The vapor generated by a Vape MOD exceed the vapor generated by any electronic cigarette. Larger batteries provided in these vaporizers lasts a full day and also have a provision for positioning a tank on top.

This personal vaporizer is also popular among vapers for its reliability, simplicity and durability. A mechanical mod vape is a simplistic device that has a long pipe along with a button to hold a replaceable and rechargeable battery. Each device has screws attached to the top and bottom part of the tube. The top screw is attached to the positive part of the battery while the bottom screw is attached to the negative part of the battery. On pressing a switch, current flows to the atomizer which heats up the fluid to produce vapor. This version of the device is particularly preferred by vapers who prefer to rebuild their atomizers. No hassle of advanced circuitry producing error signal occurs here. To rebuild atomizer, a user needs to check coil performance and adjust accordingly.

A very low resistance vaping is facilitated by the mechanical version of the device. Whereas, variable wattage and regulated versions do not offer this advantage. Regardless of the level of resistance, the mechanical type of the device fire each time. Thus, it is recommended that the novice vapers must not use the device during low resistance. Using the device at very low the resistance may cause battery failure, which in turn may cause accidents.

Variable voltage version of the device empowers a user to adjust the voltage of the device. A user may control the power output and achieve the desired amount of vapor output. But with Variable wattage version, a user is not required to manually adjust the resistance of the atomizer. The device reads the resistance of the atomizer automatically and predicts the amount of voltage to be delivered to achieve the desired vapor.

A new user prefers Variable wattage version to Variable voltage version of the device. An excessive voltage may ruin the coil of a device. This will damage the device and provide a unsatisfactory burnt taste of vaping. It is also safe for new users to use variable wattage type of mods. However, more experienced vapers prefer to use devices that offer maximum control over their vaping, which may be provided by the variable voltage version of mods.

It is recommended not to use any battery that is damaged. A user must not use batteries that contain Lithium Cobalt Oxide because they heat up quickly and may cause accidents. These batteries may not also provide the exact current flow to power the mods. Batteries using Lithium Manganese Oxide are the best for powering these devices.

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