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What Are The Advantages Of E-Cigs Over Traditional Cigarettes?

When people are first told to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, they see it as a bother since they will have to learn a whole new way of going about satisfying their nicotine craving.

Why not look at this matter differently and consider the massive advantages that e-cigs have over analog cigarettes? The following are just some of them.


No Ash.

One of the biggest irritants associated with traditional cigarettes is the ash that litters everything within reach. It not only messes the objects it falls on but also burns holes through carpets, clothes and anything else it touches.

Once one has made the switch to e-cigarettes ash residues become a thing of the past. One is free from the tension of having to look for an ashtray or watch where the ash falls and that can be a prohibiting factor when you are in an environment that you do not control, such as someone’s office.

No Smell.

Let us face it, chronic analog smokers smell terrible! You even wonder what type of spouses they have; poor darlings, they must really put up with a lot.

Once you start using e-cigarettes that chronic smell vanishes almost immediately. You no longer have to change clothes when going on a date, meeting an important client, etc. just because you want to tone down the smell clinging onto you and your clothes.

No Chronic Cough.

The smokers’ cough that plagues those that have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for long disappears within a short time after beginning to use electronic cigarettes. This is a massive health benefit since the individual can now breathe more easily and sleep better.

No Secondhand Smoke.

The biggest hazard faced by non-smokers is the secondhand smoke they inhale from smokers. Lots of carcinogenic substances are in that smoke and they compromise the health of those that are in the proximity of smokers.

Once the person begins vaping, secondhand smoke is gone for good. They can be happy that their loved ones are no longer in harm’s way since the electronic cigarette has no smoke.


There are many more benefits that accrue from switching to electronic cigarettes. The ones presented above are just a few of them and if you look at them objectively, they are strong enough reasons for you to start using e-cigarettes.

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