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What Factors Affect The Vapour Produced By An E-Cigarette?

Two people may be vaping using the same kit, the same e-liquid and the same type of battery and yet the two devices produce different amounts of vapour. How can this be?

There are a number of factors that come into play and affect how much vapour an electronic cigarette produces. The following are some of them.

The Charge On The Battery.

If a battery is fully charged, it will result in much more vapour production since there will be sufficient power getting to the heating element in the atomiser. Conversely, when a battery is low on charge, it will result in minimal vapour production since the heating element will not be getting enough power to vapourise the e-liquid.

The Voltage Indicated On The Battery.

Batteries come with different voltage capacities, depending on the manufacturer of that battery. Batteries that have higher voltage will produce more vapour since a lot more power will be getting to the heating element. A 4V battery will for instance result in less vapour as compared to a 6V battery.

Has The Coil Heated Sufficiently?

When all the components of the e-cigs are identical yet varying amounts of vapour are being produced, chances are high that one of you did not allow the coil to heat sufficiently before vaping.

This is particularly true for manual batteries where a switch has to be flipped in order for electricity to move to the heating element.

Once you flip the switch and then immediately draw on the device, less vapour will be produced as compared to what would have resulted had you waited a few seconds before drawing on the e-cigarette.


There are many factors that affect vapour quantity but the most common are the ones indicated above. If you see that your device is not producing as much vapour as that of another person using the same brand of equipment, look into the factors discussed above and you will get an explanation for the discrepancy.

If you are still not satisfied, some of your hardware may be worn out and in need of replacement. Always maintain your hardware as advised by the manufacturer as that will assure you of optimal functioning and satisfactory vaping.

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